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ChangeLeaders Community is an online network of emerging and aspiring educational leaders who are creating real, relevant change in schools. If you're ready to push beyond the buzzwords, tired of tweaking at the edges and are looking for a tribe to build a movement, not just a moment, CLC is right for you.


CLC gives you access to a global network of educational change leaders and connections to members both near you and in your field of expertise. Our members find and share thought-provoking content to spark genuine dialogue around leadership and learning topics.


Our conversations, curated content and live online events are guided by members’ real-life questions, knowledge gaps, and barriers. Sure, we encourage and support each other but we often push back. When we challenge you, we’ll offer concrete examples and next-level ideas.


Your contributions are key to the success of CLC. Through your relevant posts, comments, questions, reflections, and dialogue with your fellow members, you will help craft CLC into a stimulating, yet nurturing, personal learning destination for all members.

What is CLC?

ChangeLeaders Community is a diverse, global group of teachers, principals, and educational leaders who want to commit to grow courageously as agents of change.

Who are CLC members?

CLC is a diverse group of teachers, principals, and other school leaders from around the world. Even if you think you are not qualified to be part of this group, they'll prove you wrong. We're all in this together.

What topics are discussed?

  • What learning is and what it isn't
  • The gap between what we believe about learning and what we actually do in our classrooms
  • Trends, technologies, and changes that really matter to our work with learners
  • How school leaders are building their own capacity to lead change
  • What reimagined, modern practice in schools looks and feels like

How will this community benefit me?

If you’re really pushing high-bar change in school, the isolation can be brutal.  A vibrant, respectful, challenging community changes all of that.

How do I access the community?

You can access CLC on your laptop or through our iOS and Android apps. We use for online live sessions and events and Mighty Networks for collaboration.

Participation in CLC

How do I participate?

You can comment on articles or write your own. You can ask questions or answer someone else's. You can participate in online events or binge watch the archives.

When are the online events and what if I can't attend?

To meet the needs of our global community, event times and topics vary. The good news is our live events are archived so if you miss one, you can still watch on your own time and in your own space.

How is CLC different from other professional organizations?

In CLC, teachers and school leaders interact and share ideas. There are no silos. Content is curated and created specifically for the members so it's not pre-written or pre-scheduled. It's not traditional professional development. Connections happen daily, not at an annual conference. We push your agenda, not ours.

How much does membership cost?

CLC is a bargain. Your annual subscription is $159.99. And we are so confident that you'll love CLC we offer a 30-day money back guarantee! There is literally no risk. Join us today!

Get connected. Informed. Enlightened. Guaranteed.

We know CLC is a valuable resource for your journey and we know our content will have you thinking about your school in new ways and challenge your old assumptions–but you don’t. We’ve worked hard to make this community the best of its kind but we understand you might be skeptical.

Give us 30 days to wow you with unprecedented access to change leaders, focused conversations with people who have been there/done that, fluff-free content, new relationships, and an easy-to-use online platform.

 If you’re not convinced we can help you overcome the obstacles in your way and build invaluable relationships in the first 30 days, we want to refund your membership fee. No questions asked.

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