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No One Successfully Changes a School By Themselves.

And creating real, relevant change in schools that sustains is not for the faint of heart.  That’s why we've created the ChangeLeaders Community specifically for emerging and aspiring educational leaders who want to push beyond the buzzwords and jargon, who are tired of tweaking at the edges, and who are looking for a tribe to build a movement, not just a moment.

We know...high bar change in education is hard work. And most likely, you weren’t called to the profession to change it.  In fact, you probably loved your own school experience as a child pretty much the way it was.

But over the years, you've become one of those educators who has realized that the old, comfortable model of school is increasingly challenged by the modern, connected world of learning. 

You're asking more questions, confronting old systems and methods, and writing a different narrative for what school should be.  In short, you’ve come to understand the serious gap between learning and schooling.  

And the one question you find yourself asking more than any other is no longer "Why should we change?" It's "How do we change?"

A New Approach to Personal and Professional Development

Join our Change Leaders Community (CLC) and a diverse group of experts as we explore:

  • What learning is and what it isn't, and the gap between what we know and believe about how we learn best and what we actually do in schools.

  • The trends, technologies, and changes happening in the world that really matter to our work in schools and that we need to understand in depth.

  • How educational leaders are building their own capacities to lead change in their communities.

  • What reimagined, modern practice in schools looks and feels like.

Why Community?

There's no shortage of change conversations happening on the Web, and there's a new book about school change coming out almost every week. We sincerely appreciate and applaud all of that.

But let's face's hard to stay focused online. It's hard to stay abreast of the conversations that matter most. And it's hard to connect and engage with others in dozens of different spaces using dozens of different tools.

And if you’re really pushing high-bar change in school, the isolation can be brutal.  A vibrant, respectful, challenging community changes all of that.

From our work in Change.School, we know that together, we take bigger risks, we identify greater opportunities for the kids we serve, and we act with more intensity and intentionality to make them happen.

The conversations are high level, and focused on what we believe are the three keys to understanding the next act of schooling: What learning actually is, how the world is changing, and how educational practice is evolving.

That said, this ChangeLeader Community is not for everyone. Here, the urgency for reimagination is palpable. It’s not tools. It’s not "improvement." And it’s not small steps. We're on a mission: to fundamentally rethink schooling for kids around the world to better reflect the opportunities and challenges of the modern world. 

Understanding those three things at a deeper level will help you make better decisions for the kids you serve.   So, if you're looking for a smart, passionate, provocative, rouge-ish tribe of educators to change the world with, welcome home!

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